More Reasons to Ride Electric

Government Incentives

Select states, regions and cities offer incentives for purchasing electric motorcycles. While not all have discounts or rebates, many are exploring the idea. Zero works with organizations around the world to gain exposure for electric motorcycles and to ensure that they are incorporated into key policy decisions.

Incentive examples:

  • Tax breaks and credits
  • Special parking, lanes/roads and riding areas
  • Free public charging
  • Clean air grants for organizations

State Incentives

Incentives come and go quickly. Check with your state, region and city to learn whether additional incentives are available in your area.*

  • Massachusetts $750 rebate (limited funds)
  • Maryland $100/kWh excise tax credit (effective 7/1/2017–6/30/2020)
  • Arizona Reduced vehicle license tax
  • Illinois Reduced vehicle registration fee

Federal Tax Credit

Zero motorcycles purchased during calendar year 2017 are eligible to receive the 10% E-motorcycle Federal Tax Credit for up to $2,500. The credit is retroactive only. Electric motorcycles purchased in 2018 are not yet eligible. The tax credit can be claimed when you file your 2017 tax return.

This is a true tax credit. It reduces your tax liability. For example, if you owe $11,000 in taxes, and purchased a $15,995 Zero SR in 2017, this credit would reduce your taxes by $1,600 to $9,400. It is not a tax deduction but a tax credit. So, if you were due a refund by the IRS, your refund would be increased by the amount of the tax credit.

  • The amount of the credit is determined by the final bill of sale price, including accessories and additional batteries purchased on the same invoice. The final cost of the motorcycle is based on the total bill of sale price, less taxes, fees, and registration so, if the motorcycle was discounted, the tax credit applies to the discounted price.
  • The credit only applies to new, or demonstrator, electric motorcycles.
  • The IRS will be providing final 2017 forms and instructions for these tax incentives as soon as possible. The final form is expected on 3/1/18. View draft form 8936. View the IRS forms availability table.
  • Customers who have already filed will be required to file an amended return to claim the credit.

* Government agencies offer these incentive programs. Availability and eligibility vary and are beyond Zero Motorcycles’ control. Many programs have limited funding and/or expiration dates. Eligibility for tax credits depends on your personal tax situation. Please consult your tax advisor, attorney, or accountant for details.